To be eligible to compete at ATX ROX, you must purchase a weekend pass, register and pay by the sign up deadline, and sign a waiver. Early Bird Discounts end Sept 15th, 2024.




routine divisions

ATX ROX 2024 Competition Rules

Austin Rocks will adhere to all contemporaneous WSDC Rules mandated by the WSDC Board at the time of the event.

Petitions To Move Up:

All Petitions To “Dance Up” At Events That Take Place After July 1, 2024 Must Be Submitted To The WSDC Chief Judges Committee (CJC) Using This Link: Www.Worldsdc.Com/Level-Up-Petition/. The CJC Will Review The Competitor’s Points Registry Record And Submitted Videos, And Reach Out To The Competitor For Any Additional Information They Need To Make A Decision. Please Note That This New Process Takes Time To Complete. The CJC Will Notify The Competitor Of Their Decision To Approve Or Deny The Petition Within Three (3) Weeks From The Date Of Submission. Petitions That Are Approved Will Allow The Dancer To Enter That Higher-Level Division For Six (6) Months At Any WSDC Event Anywhere In The World. Competitors Will Need To Earn At Least One Point In That Higher Division In Order To Keep Dancing At That Level After The Six Months Have Passed.

Petitions To Move Down:

All Petitions To ‘Dance Down’ At Events That Take Place After July 1, 2024 Must Be Submitted And Accepted By A Petition Panel – Separate Petitions Are Required To Move Up A Division Or Move Down A Division. To Move Down A Division, Petitions Must Be Filled Out And Sent To: Wwwpetitionsubmission@Gmail.Com. A Separate Petition Audition May Be Required By The Request Of The HJ (Tracy Wang).

Moving Down Petitions Will Be Due By Thursdaty, September 26th, 2025 At 6pm CST To The HJ.

All YOU-Nicorn J&J

Matched Up At Random With Any Level Exception Is For Those Allstar & Above – Those That Are All Star And Above May Not Be Matched Together.

Anyone Who Qualifies For All Star, Even If They Have Opted To Dance Down To Advanced, Shall Be Considered As All-Stars For The Purpose Of Classification In The All YOU-Nicorn Jack & Jill Only.
Couples Are Paired Up For The Duration Of The Competition And Will Be Judged As A Couple.

Champions/All-Star Division

All Champions And Allstars (Unless They’ve Successfully Petitioned Down To Adv) Will Be Eligible To Compete In Our Champs/Allstar J&J Division.

Pro Ams Routines

Mixed Pro-Am Routine Competition Rules:

1. The Amateur shall be eligible to compete if they qualify per WSDC rules as a Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced dancer.

2. The Professional in this division may dance with unlimited Amateurs. If the professional has more than one entry, they must be prepared to dance consecutive routines if there are insufficient entries to allow for staggering.

3. Routines shall be a minimum of 2-minutes and a maximum of 3-minutes in length.

4. Costumes shall be required. Use of props is not allowed.

5. Lifts or aerials are allowed but not required.

6. Partnership contact shall be established within the first 32 beats of the music and maintained for the duration of the routine with the exception of short breakaways (8 beats or less) or free spins.

7. Dance order shall be determined by random draw during floor trials. Couples who are not present will be drawn by a contest coordinator on their behalf.

8. Couples may request a restart in the following cases:
The DJ plays the incorrect music for their routine
Shoe breaks or significant costume malfunction
Light or sound system failure

Rising Star Routines

Although we are not on the Rising Star Tour, we will be adhering to all of the rules set forth by the Rising Star Tour Committee.